Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recent Obsession: Deal of the Day

Recently I have been keeping up with sites like Groupon to find super cheap deals!  While laying in bed and thinking of ways to save money, I discovered . . . there's an app for that!! I quickly downloaded the "DailyDeals" iphone app, and I have been checking it frequently ever since.

Today my hubby and I bought a $2.99 Emergency Radio, Lantern, and USB charger from Daily Checkout. Also, my nifty new app told me that was having a 70% gift certificates sale until August 23 with the promo code "STEAK"! So I bought $210 worth of gift certificates for $29.  Whoo!

So, I will frequently update my blog with deals that I think are extra special!  In the meantime, I recommend becoming a daily deal shopper yourself!

Look forward to my future post: reviews of self-tanners!

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