Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Addition to Our Family!

We are now the proud owners of a house plant that I have affectionately named "Bromie".
I have never owned a potted plant in my life, so this should be interesting!  My husband and I were shopping at Lowe's for "guy stuff" when I saw this beautiful plant.  The word "resilient" jumped out at me on its tag, and I knew we were meant to be! It is a bromeliad plant, hence the name "Bromie"- very clever, I know.  Pineapples are actually in the bromeliad family- who knew?  I know nothing about plants, so poor Bromie is doomed from the start.  Hopefully, though, she'll make it through!

On another topic, I completely got dissed by some girl named "Heather" at Sephora.  I was trying to remember what color of foundation that I used in the past when I wore Bare Escentuals.  She said "You're definitely 'fair'." To which I replied "Well, I think that I initially bought the 'fair', and then took it back to get the 'light'." She then dissed me by saying "Well if you wore anything other than the 'fair', then you didn't wear it well!" Well, thankyouverymuch Miss Heather.  I think I'll come back another day and get the LIGHT! Just kidding.... but really. Some people!

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