Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sweet Surprise!

Last night I got home late because I had to work until 9 p.m.  Brian was tired and wanted to go to bed, but I still had some energy left and wanted to play Prince of Persia on the Wii.  So we moved the Wii upstairs so he could get in bed and I could play my game.  Little did I know Brian had put a very special surprise in a red box on my side of the bed.  I played my game without noticing, the whole time Brian said that I would roll on top of the box and hit the box, but I never noticed it.  When I finally got frustrated and quit the game, I reached for my night stand to plug my phone in, and I heard a noise and felt something in the bed with me!  I found the little red box, opened it, and found the most beautiful diamond necklace!

The picture really doesn't do it justice- it is so sparkly!  My husband is the sweetest, most thoughtful person!  I love my "just because" gift!  I am excited about wearing it today!

And speaking of today . . . today is one of my BFF's birthdays!
  Happy Birthday, Mandy!!!

I just realized we need an updated picture together, Mandy!  This one is over a year old! :o)

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