Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Crazy About This Prince!

Prince of Persia, that is!
Ok, so this might seem a little out of character for me (I am not known to sit around playing video games), but one of my absolute favorite games is Prince of Persia.  I just found out that they released a version for the Wii this year, and I was all over that when I found out!  *Side note*  Clearly, I am on break from pharmacy rotations right now, or this would not be possible!  I see you shaking your finger at me and saying "I thought you were always so busy!"  Well, for the past umpteen years of my life, I have been.  But I am happily enjoying my break right now, thank you! I will get back to reading my PubMed articles soon enough!

And as if I couldn't get any dorkier, they also have Prince of Persia on the iPhone!!  I will leave you guessing as to whether I bought it or not. :o)

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