Thursday, February 24, 2011

Body Wraps to Lose Inches???

This week I was invited to a fun girls night party that featured "It Works!" body wraps and Beauticontrol makeup. Of course, I'm always interested in makeup stuff, but the body wraps definitely caught my attention! I had heard about them before, and I really wanted to see for myself if this stuff really works!

First of all, it was interesting that you can basically "wrap" any part of your body. The sales lady joked that she really didn't like to do butts, but she would do it if we wanted her too! Okay, no thank you! They claim you'll see results in 45 minutes, you'll keep losing inches for 4 days as your body is being "detoxed", and you will keep the results for 2-6 months.

I decided to get my stomach wrapped, so the lady measured my stomach in 3 different areas and marked where she measured with a marker. Then she put on the wrap, which was a very thin paper covered in a special herbal type mixture that the lady claimed was "like liquid gold." Then, to finish it off, she wrapped over the area with cellophane.

It caused a very warm tingling/burning sensation, and 45 minutes later it's time to measure your inches lost! I "lost" 2 & 3/4 inches. However, that number is skewed somewhat, as it is the sum of the 3 areas she measured. So, at the most in one area I lost 1 & 3/4 inches.

She told us we could sleep in our wraps, so I did, and the husband definitely got a good laugh when I came home wrapped in Saran wrap! One thing they warned about, though, was the possibility of getting something hilariously referred to as "toxic bloat" and to make sure to drink plenty of water to "flush the toxins out."

I can't really determine if it really worked yet, since it's only the 2nd day. I also wished that I had measured myself before going to make sure she didn't inflate my initial measurements.

I will plan to write an update on my results after Day 4.

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